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2021-20 Board Members


Patricia Schipplein

Vice President:

Julie Anderson

3808 Lorikeet


Marcy Halterman-Cox

1807 Springbrook Estates


Resale Certificate requests and status of association dues should be sent to

our SpringBrook Secretary

Mark Kelly

1717 Cardinal Lane

At Large Member:
Autumn Deschaines

3953 Robin Trail 

SpringBrook Homeowners Association

~ Committed to Single-Family Living ~

SpringBrook-Cypress Meadow

SpringBrook-Cypress Meadow Phase II

SpringBrook-Oak Grove

SpringBrook-Hidden Hollow


A strong homeowner's association depends on an active membership. If you are interested in serving as a member of one of these committees, or would like to become active with the Association in any other way, please contact the SHOA Secretary

Architectural Committee

The Architectural committee must approve improvements of any exterior property elements in advance. This includes walkways, gazebos, sheds, fences, signage and roof replacement. Basically, anything that is visible from the sidewalk or a value

added improvement.

Standing Committee Members:

Robye Harvey - Chair


Janice Escue - Member

Larry Pressler

Architectural Application (PDF)

NOTICE: Architectural Approval is required for any exterior home activities such as the following (not an inclusive list). 

House Painting

Replacement Roofs

Painting Eaves, Front Doors

Fencing Materials, Re-fencing or Fixing Fencing

Homeowner is responsible for obtaining the required city building permits and for adhering to all applicable building codes.


Architectural Committee
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